Sergii's Experience Manual


Sergii Golub -- Software Engineer in Finland


Ukrainian in Finland preparing for global warming final stage events


Espoo, Finland, Earth, Solar System


sergii [--skills]


Sergii is a Software Engineer. He uses mainstream tools like macOS, Java, Git, IntelliJ Idea. As he thinks as tech does not matter that much and product can be done with the most familiar tool to you.
In the night Sergii uses less mainstream tools like desktop Linux, Clojure, Haskell, Nix package manager, Emacs and literate programming. As tech does matter anyway, just not that much. New points of view on familiar things are good. Something useful can be taken away. Data in -> Data out clarity of functional approach is useful even in Java. Sergii was ready for Kotlin and Swift typealiases from day 0, as Haskell have those from ages ago.


Proficient in the Java stack (Spring, GlassFish, Dropwizard, Jersey, Hibernate), Android, the full HTML5 stack (HTML5, CSS3), and good with Python, Clojure, SQL, Orchestration/Provisioning/Deployment.
Android takes the large part of Sergii's life. Sergii knows it all. From app architecture to UI implementation, from memory leaks to optimization of SQLite queries, from gradle builds to automatic publushing.


Sergii will not code for coffee. Kaffecentralen in walking distance, however, improves mood quite a lot.


I live in Finland, but I like to travel around. Especially to new places.